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Taylor (Thomas)

The History of the Waldenses and Albigenses,

Publisher: Bolton: Printed by J. Higham,
Publication date: 1793

FIRST EDITION, title within border of printer's ornaments, uniformly slightly browned, More

Price: £750.00

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(Bible. Geneva-Tomson-Junius. Common Prayer. Genea...

The Bible.

Publisher: Robert Barker,
Publication date: [1612]

engraved title ('Guilelmus Hole fecit') and engraved Tree of Life leaf; with the Apocrypha, New Testament with separate title 'The New Testament of Our Lord Iesus Christ, Translated out of the Greeke ... More

Price: £4,250.00

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(Assyriology.) PRITCHARD (James B., Editor)

Ancient Near Eastern Texts,

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press,
Publication date: 1950

FIRST EDITION, with occasional pencil notes throughout, heavier in some areas, by O.R. Gurney, querying, correcting or improving the translations and glossing some of the notes, More

Price: £200.00

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(Bible. Latin.)

Biblia Sacra.

Publisher: Antwerp: Christopher Plantin,
Publication date: 1583

engraved title by Abraham de Bruyn after Crispin van den Broeck, dedication, 5 engraved mounted double-page plates (the temple depiction bound after t8) including double hemisphere world map by Arias ... More

Price: £6,500.00

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Camillo (Giulio)

Due orationi ... al Re Christianissimo.

Publisher: Venice: no printer,
Publication date: 1545

text in italic, guide spaces for initials, More

Price: £800.00

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[Emes (Thomas)]

Vindiciæ mentis. An Essay of the Being and N...

Publisher: Printed for H. Walwyn,
Publication date: 1702

FIRST EDITION, tear in upper margin of title-page (no loss) repaired, somewhat water-stained (we have seen worse), burn hole in I7 with the loss of a few letters, or bits of letters, More

Price: £600.00

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(Council of Trent.) CANONES & DECRETA

sacrosancti oecumenici, & generalis concilij ...

Publisher: Vallisoleti. Olim (Pintæ) [Valladolid]: Apud Francisc. Ferdinan. a Corduba,
Publication date: 1564

large woodcut pair of coats of arms on title (Papal, and Philip II of Spain), woodcut printer's device at end (before Index), woodcut initials, first 50 pages badly water-stained, diminishing, or occa... More

Price: £2,000.00

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[Brainerd (David)]

An Account of the Life of the late Reverend M...

Publisher: Edinburgh: printed by John Gray and Gavin Alston. For William Gray,
Publication date: 1765

separate title for the Journal, but pagination continuous, title-page a little soiled, a little thumbing, minor staining, and faint browning, More

Price: £1,200.00

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Carpenter (Edward)

Pagan and Christian Creeds.

Publisher: George Allen & Unwin,
Publication date: 1920

FIRST EDITION, light foxing to prelims receding into text and recurrent (but less so) at rear, More

Price: £150.00

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(Miniature Book.) THE BIBLE IN MINIUTURE [sic],

No title

Publisher: E. Newbery,
Publication date: 1780

FIRST NEWBERY EDITION, issue without the printer's imprint at end, title uncorrected, but plates reworked (no apples in the Garden of Eden), with 2 engraved title-pages and 12 engraved plates, a bit o... More

Price: £700.00

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