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Institutionum oratoriarum libri XII,

Publisher: Paris: Michael Vascosanus,
Publication date: 1542

2 parts in 1 vol. (as issued, title to first part within fine woodcut border, to the second part within the same border but with Badius' second device at the centre, woodcut initials, some damp-staini... More

Price: £1,000.00

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Aeliani Variae Historiae libri XIII.

Publisher: [Geneva:] J. Tornaesius,
Publication date: 1600

[CONTEMPORARY OXFORD BINDING] title within decorative woodcut border, decorated initials and ornaments, woodcut printer's device to last verso, uniform very slight age browning, minimal bleeding from ... More

Price: £1,000.00

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(Lewis.) SIBLEY (Brian)

The Land of Narnia.

Publisher: Collins Lions,
Publication date: 1989

FIRST EDITION, various illustrations, predominantly the work of Pauline Baynes, including work new to this edition (4 colour-printed full-page designs), More

Price: £300.00

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(Golden Cockerel Press.) LUCAS (F.L., translator)

The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite.

Publisher: The Golden Cockerel Press,
Publication date: 1948

693/650 COPIES (of an overall edition of 750 copies), title printed in black and red, 13 wood-engravings including frontispiece, parallel English and Greek texts, one page with neatly mended tear, a f... More

Price: £175.00

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Oxford Almanack, The.

For the Year of our Lord God MDCCXXXII

Publisher: [Oxford: University Press],
Publication date: 1732

copper-plate engraving, 490 x 445 mm, to platemark, sheet approx. 550 x 460 mm, a little browned, more so in the sky, a bit of worming, mainly in the sky, and not all that noticeable unless held up to... More

Price: £500.00

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Valpy (Richard)

Poetical Chronology of Ancient and English Hi...

Publisher: Reading: Printed by Smart and Cowslade. London: sold by Elmsley, Pridden, Richardson, Robinson, and Williams,
Publication date: 1794


Price: £450.00

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Euripides ... in Latinum sermonem conversus,...

Publisher: Basle: Oporinus, [colophon:] March,
Publication date: 1562

with woodcut printer's device on title, numerous woodcut initials, headpieces, &c, text in double columns Greek and Latin, the Greek on the inside of the page, without the final blank, scattered spott... More

Price: £1,200.00

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Leatham (Edward Aldam)

Charmione, A Tale

Publisher: Bradbury and Evans,
Publication date: 1858


Price: £450.00

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Cologno (Niccolò)

Q. Horatii Flacci Methodus, De Arte Poetica ....

Publisher: Amberg: Michael Forster,
Publication date: 1601

woodcut ornament on title, a woodcut head and tailpiece, woodcut printer's device at colophon, paper flaw in C11, exacerbated by the printing process with the loss of a couple of short words and 3 or ... More

Price: £500.00

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Disticha de moribus.

Publisher: B. Griffin,
Publication date: 1703

a small copy, cut close, some headlines shaved, and some letters touched in fore-margin, on a few leaves the fore-margin a litle worn, with the loss of a few letters, a little browned, ink stain in fi... More

Price: £400.00

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