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(Theological Botany.) [drop head title:] COPPIE DE...

No title

Publisher: Paris: Philippes Huart,
Publication date: 1643

large folio broadside (510 x 355 mm) printed on recto only within a border of printer's ornaments, below the drop head title a large wood engraving of a passionflower, showing the leaves and the fruit... More

Price: £3,000.00

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Donaldson (James)

Husbandry Anatomized,

Publisher: Edinburgh: Printed by John Reid,
Publication date: 1697-98

FIRST EDITIONS, small copies but not cropped apart from a few page numerals in the Postscript, lightly browned, a few leaves slightly darker, More

Price: £2,000.00

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(Ruskin.) LORD (William Barry)

Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster Lore,

Publisher: George Routledge and Sons,
Publication date: 1867

FIRST EDITION, with steel engraved frontispiece and numerous illustrations in the text, half-title and last page (advertisement) browned, a few scattered spots, More

Price: £500.00

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Hawking (Stephen)

A Brief History of Time

Publisher: Bantam Press,
Publication date: 1988

FIRST EDITION, with illustrations in the text, More

Price: £500.00

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Theodorus (Jakob)

Neuw vollkommentlich Kreuterbuch,

Publisher: Frankfurt am Main: durch N. Hoffman, in verlegung J. Dreutels,
Publication date: 1625

3 parts (or volumes) bound in 2 vol. (the second and third in 1 vol), first title printed in red and black, and all 3 within an elaborate woodcut border, illustrated with some 2500 woodcuts in the tex... More

Price: £3,500.00

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(Leibniz.) KÄSTNER (Abraham Gotthelf)

Pro Iustitia Calculi Interusurii Leibnitiani.

Publisher: Leipzig: Langenheim, [colophon:]
Publication date: 1747


Price: £600.00

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Hudson (Peter)

A new introduction to Trade and Business,

Publisher: Printed for J. Johnson,
Publication date: 1795

with an engraved frontispiece, 6 engraved plates, and a folding table, 1 of the plates trimmed, More

Price: £450.00

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(Water supply. Scotland.) [MANUSCRIPT LECTURE NOTE...

No title

Publisher: [Scotland:]
Publication date: 1866-75

manuscript in ink on paper, More

Price: £700.00

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(Philosophy. Manuscript. Latin.) [DESCHAMPS]

Tractatus logicus in organum aristotelis

Publisher: [France:],
Publication date: c. 1654

manuscript in ink on paper, 3 parts in 1 vol., written in a single neat and regular hand, with a few flourishes, and with a full-page Arbor Porphyriana drawn on a separate sheet and pasted in (this sl... More

Price: £1,500.00

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(Jesuit Science.) DOPONT (Joanne, praes.)

[Ex phisica particulari].

Publisher: Douai:
Publication date: [1780]

manuscript in ink on paper, in Latin, with 3 astronomical diagrams, 1 depicting the Copernican System, More

Price: £900.00

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