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(Daniel Press.) GASCOIGNE (George, attributed to)

The Queen's Majesty's Entertainment at Woodst...

Publisher: Oxford: [at the Clarendon Press,]
Publication date: 1910

18/115 COPIES printed on Van Gelder handmade paper, More

Price: £300.00

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Mangan (James Clarence)


Publisher: New York: P.M. Haverty,
Publication date: 1959

FIRST EDITION, some light pencil markings to margin of contents page and introduction, one page with abrasion from paper-flaw at foot, More

Price: £250.00

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Housman (Laurence)

Green Arras.

Publisher: Bodley Head,
Publication date: 1896

FIRST EDITION, engraved frontispiece and title-page, both with generous 'vine' border, each poem with decorated initial letter and 5 full-page illustrations by Housman, publisher's list at end of text... More

Price: £130.00

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(Shakespeare. Playbill.) THEATRE ROYAL, NEWCASTLE.

For the Benefit of Mr Melvin On Friday next.....

Publisher: Tickets to be had of Mr Melvin, Lisle Street; at Mr Humble's Library... and of Mr Guthrie, at the Theatre, where Places for the Boxes may be taken.
Publication date: Dec. 291797

edges trimmed, affecting bottom line of text, More

Price: £450.00

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Jordan (Dorothy [real name Dorothy Phillips])

[caption title:] Nobody coming to marry me.

Publisher: Publish'd by Laurie & Whittle, Augt. 1,
Publication date: 1806

landscape broadside, with large engraving depicting the forlorn maiden standing by a tree outside a cottage door, within which the mother is spinning; the father can be seen hedging in the distance, w... More

Price: £450.00

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Cobden-Sanderson (Annie)

E2.8. The Prison Diary,

Publisher: [Marlborough, Wilts.] Libanus Press,
Publication date: 2017

FIRST EDITION, ONE OF 500 NUMBERED COPIES, illustrations throughout, More

Price: £20.00

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Hernández (José)

[Typescript:] Martín Fierro.

Publication date: [1966]

typescript in red and black inks, manuscript corrections and annotations throughout, More

Price: £800.00

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(Borges.) COLUCCIO (Félix)

[Offprint:] 'Fauna del Terror en America'.

Publisher: Porto: Museu de Etnografia e História,
Publication date: [1964]

a few small spots, More

Price: £100.00

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(Borges.) RILEY (E.C.)

[Offprint:] 'Whos Who in Don Quixote? Or an A...

Publisher: [Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press,]
Publication date: 1966

light foxing at opening, some corrections by the author in blue ink, More

Price: £100.00

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(Borges.) ARBERRY (A.J.)

The Romance of the Rubaiyat.

Publisher: George Allen & Unwin,
Publication date: 1959

FIRST EDITION, frontispiece portrait, this a little foxed, 4 other plates of texts in facsimile, the odd faint spot to borders, More

Price: £150.00

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