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Jones (Barbara)

Follies & Grottoes.

Publisher: Constable,
Publication date: 1953

FIRST EDITION, colour-printed title-page and illustrations by the author throughout with 17 photographic illustrations in a section of plates, More

Price: £150.00

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Swarzenski (Georg)

Europäisches Amerika.

Publisher: Frankfurt: Otto Henkell,
Publication date: 1927

FIRST EDITION, COPY 105 of an unspecified limitation (this printed for 'Paul Jacobi'), 11 woodcuts by Marie Swarzenski, all but the last on Japon paper, More

Price: £1,000.00

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(California. Gold Mining.) PALMER (N. S.)

ALs to his brother,

Publisher: San Francisco: Aug. 9th,
Publication date: 1863

manuscript in ink, 2 8vo bifolia and a single sheet of feint ruled paper, toned (as the Americans say), and water-stained, but the tide pale and the writing barely affected, More

Price: £550.00

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Wells (H.G.)

Russia in the Shadows.

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton,
Publication date: [1920]

FIRST EDITION, frontispiece and 10 other plates of photographs, including one of Lenin and Wells in conversation together, More

Price: £200.00

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(Shell Guide.) NASH (Paul)


Publisher: Architectural Press, [n.d., but
Publication date: 1935]

FIRST EDITION, colour maps on first two rectos, numerous monochrome illustrations and photographs throughout text, 7 plates on pink paper including 3 Nash watercolours, Edward Bawden advret at rear, More

Price: £250.00

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Hughes (Richard)

In the Lap of Atlas.

Publisher: Chatto & Windus,
Publication date: 1979


Price: £40.00

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(Madeira.) BAEDEKER (Karl)

Madeira, Canary Islands, Azores, Western Moro...

Publisher: Leipzig: Karl Baedeker, London: George Allen & Unwin,
Publication date: 1939

17 maps and 6 town plans in total on 11 sheets (several double-page or folding) and within the text, More

Price: £1,500.00

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(Franciscans. Missions.) [WEERTS (Paul)]

Abrege des Fruits acquis par l'Ordre des Frè...

Publisher: Brussels: Francois Vivien,
Publication date: 1652

FIRST EDITION, with engraved title-page and 4 full-page engravings in the text, the engravings trimmed close at the fore-margin, last leaf strengthened and with a small hole and some tears repaired, l... More

Price: £5,000.00

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Deighton (Len)

Continental Dossier.

Publisher: Michael Joseph,
Publication date: 1968

FIRST EDITION, colour maps, folding-map at end, More

Price: £60.00

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'Whipplesnaith' [vere, Noel Howard Symington]

The Night Climbers of Cambridge.

Publisher: Chatto and Windus,
Publication date: 1937

FIRST EDITION, frontispiece photograph and numerous other photographic plates showing climbers in action, More

Price: £200.00

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