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Johannes Carthusiensis [Giovanni di Deo]

Tetrastichon iodoci galli rubiace[n]sis in op...

Publisher: [colophon:] Heidelberg: Heinrich Knoblochtzer, after 6 July
Publication date: 1489

99 leaves, of 100, lacking final blank, text in black letter, capital spaces with guide-letters, minor worming in the upper margin of the last few leaves, a few leaves a trifle browned, remains of a t... More

Price: £3,000.00

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Felicianus (pseud., attributed to Petrus de Ilperi...

De divina praedestinatione.

Publisher: [Augsburg: Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra (with Anton Sorg's type),
Publication date: 1473-74]

EDITIO PRINCEPS, 11 leaves, of 12, lacking the final blank, rubricated throughout, 3- and 4-line initials and an 8-line one at the beginning crudely filled in, tear in the fore-margin of leaf 10, goin... More

Price: £5,000.00

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(Koran. French.) L'ALCORAN DE MAHOMET.

No title

Publisher: Iouxte la Copie imprimée à Paris, chez Antoine de Sommaville, [recte Amsterdam: J. Jansson],
Publication date: 1649

title-page printed in red and black, More

Price: £750.00

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Die Wahre Bekehrung

Publisher: Cassel: Elias Francken,
Publication date: 1673

a little browned, More

Price: £750.00

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Petrus Lombardus.

Sententiarum libri IV.

Publisher: [colophon:] Venice: Vindelinus de Spira, 10 Mar.
Publication date: 1477

text in double columns, complete with initial and terminal blanks (the former with some annotation on the verso), capital spaces, a little inconspicuous worming at either end with the loss of a few le... More

Price: £7,500.00

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Fox (George)

Turcæ, et omnibus sub ejus ditione, ut hoc p...

Publisher: Printed for Robert Wilson,
Publication date: 1660

FIRST EDITION, ttle and text in Latin and English, English text begins on p. 8, ink stains to title, some dust-soiling, More

Price: £1,500.00

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Baptista Mantuanus.

Parthenice prima, sive Mariana.

Publisher: Bologna: Franciscus (Plato) de Benedictis, for Benedictus Hectoris, 17 Oct.
Publication date: 1488

capital spaces with guide-letters, on c1r a 6-line initial in red, blue, green, and light brown penwork on a gilt background, with gilt border in top, bottom and inner margin; top and bottom margin w... More

Price: £15,000.00

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Nicolaus de Lyra.

Praeceptorium divinae legis:

Publisher: [Paris:] Philippe Pigouchet,
Publication date: [c. 1491]

with fine full-page woodcut printer's device on recto of first leaf, on the verso a full-page woodcut of the Crucifixion, initials supplied in blue and red, but some faded, washed, short marginal tear... More

Price: £5,500.00

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Petrus Lombardus

Sententiarum libri IV [Books III-IV, only].

Publisher: [Nuremberg:] Anton Koberger, [after 2 Mar.]
Publication date: 1491

Book III 215 of 218 leaves, lacking initial blank, and with 2 leaves in early pen facsimile, Book IV 272 leaves, 2 large decorated initials, one (the first, in Book III) unfinished with the centre in ... More

Price: £4,000.00

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(Saint Dominic's Press.) GILL (Eric)

Liturgical Broadside.

Publisher: Ditchling, Saint Dominic's Press, n.d.,
Publication date: c.1925

broadside printed in black and red in three columns with Eric Gill[?] engraving at foot of centre, More

Price: £100.00

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