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A Collection of Poems by Several Hands.

Publisher: Paris: Printed by J.G.A. Stoupe,
Publication date: 1779

complete with half-title, title-page slightly soiled, a few minor patches of browning, More

Price: £600.00

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[Hall (William Henry)]

The Death of Cain,

Publisher: Printed for B. Crosby,
Publication date: 1797

with an engraved frontispiece, some spotting and staining, frontispiece almost detached, More

Price: £750.00

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[Dodsley (Robert)]

Economie de la vie humaine,

Publisher: D.N. Shury, and 'Se vend au Magasin des Enfans, chez Didier et Co.',
Publication date: 1805

with 10 woodcut plates, a few spots here and there and minor offsetting of the plates, More

Price: £800.00

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Grafigny, Mme de (Fran├žoise d'Issembourg d'Happon...

Letters written by a Peruvian Princess. Trans...

Publisher: Printed for J. Brindley,
Publication date: 1749

2 (or 3, see below) parts in 1 vol., outer leaves browned around the edges and with a little fraying, a few spots here and there, and some browning, More

Price: £1,250.00

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[Smith (Eaglesfield)]

Sir John Butt:

Publisher: Edinburgh:
Publication date: 1798

FIRST EDITION, outer leaves variously remargined or mounted, other paper repairs, More

Price: £800.00

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'Lady (A)'


Publisher: Sold by Henry Payne,
Publication date: 1781

FIRST EDITION, issue with printed title-page instead of engraving (see below), browned and soiled, a few corrections in early ink, More

Price: £1,500.00

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(Plays. Irish) [MACKLIN (Charles)]

Love a-la-mode;

Publisher: [Dublin:] Printed for the Booksellers,
Publication date: 1793

1 catchword and 'Finis' cropped, More

Price: £1,500.00

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[Claudero (pseud. for James Wilson)]

Ars Catchpolaria,

Publisher: Edinburgh: Printed for, and sold by the Author,
Publication date: 1775

FIRST EDITION, last leaf defective, with the lacunae supplied in manuscript in situ or on the facing blank for the verso, some foxing, small ink splash on title, More

Price: £850.00

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[Dodsley (Robert, Editor)]

A Collection of Poems By Several Hands.

Publisher: J. Dodsley.
Publication date: 1766

engraved plate of music in vol. iv, half-titles present, small oval engraving on each title-page, More

Price: £475.00

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Hardy (Thomas)

The Trumpet Major.

Publisher: Smith, Elder, & Co.,
Publication date: 1880

FIRST EDITION, without the preliminary blanks in vols. ii and iii (present in vol. i), some finger marking and minor stains, a few slightly careless openings, tear in upper margin of one leaf in vol. ... More

Price: £5,500.00

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Results 321-330 of 342
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