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Trebra (Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich von)

Erfahrungen vom Innern der Gebirge, nach Beob...

Publisher: Dessau & Leipzig: auf Kosten der Verlagskasse für Gelehrte und Künstler,
Publication date: 1785

FIRST EDITION, 9 (8 folding) large hand-coloured geological plates (one heightened with ground mica), and 5 hand-coloured engravings in the text (the first on the title-page), with the often lacking s... More

Price: £6,000.00

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Waring (Edward)

Miscellanea analytica,

Publisher: Cambridge: J. Bentham, [and for sale by various booksellers throughout the three Kingdoms, including Foulis in Glasgow],
Publication date: 1762

FIRST EDITION, with a list of subscribers and a final errata leaf, 3 folding plates, uniformly a trifle browned, More

Price: £950.00

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De Morgan (Augustus)

On the structure of the syllogism,

Publisher: Cambridge: The Pitt Press, by John W. Parker,
Publication date: 1847

FIRST EDITION, corners a little rubbed, More

Price: £650.00

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Rutherford (Ernest)


Publisher: Cambridge: University Press,
Publication date: 1904

FIRST EDITION, with half-tone plate and text line illustrations, More

Price: £2,500.00

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Franco (Pierre)

Traité des Hernies:

Publisher: Lyons: Thibauld Payan,
Publication date: 1561

woodcut printer's device on title, with woodcuts in text showing a variety of surgical instruments for the procedures discussed and a series of three full skeletons at the end, occasional light browni... More

Price: £25,000.00

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De Lambre (Jean-Baptiste)

Astronomie théorique et pratique.

Publisher: Paris: Courcier,
Publication date: 1814

FIRST EDITION, with 29 engraved plates distributed through the volumes, occasional browning, More

Price: £1,250.00

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Gilbert (William)

De magnete,

Publisher: Peter Short,
Publication date: 1600

woodcut printer's device (McKerrow 119) on title, large woodcut arms of Gilbert on title verso, one woodcut folding plate, 88 woodcut illustrations and diagrams in text (4 full-page), ornamental woodc... More

Price: £35,000.00

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Diophantus of Alexandria.

Arithmeticorum libri sex, et de numeris multa...

Publisher: Toulouse: Bernard Bosc,
Publication date: 1670

FIRST EDITION OF FERMAT'S RECENSION, large engraved vignette on title, several finely engraved headpieces and initials, and a few woodcut diagrams in the text, damp-stain in the inner margin of the fi... More

Price: £35,000.00

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(Cookery.) POMIANE (Edouard de)

La goutte au compte-gouttes ou 47 adaptations...

Publisher: [colophon:] Paris: Paul-Martial,
Publication date: [1935]

FIRST EDITION, PRESENTATION COPY, with 2 full-page woodcuts, 1 signed L. Danet, and head- and tail-pieces, first 2 leaves formerly adhering slightly to each other at fore-edge, More

Price: £150.00

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Shackleton (Keith)

Tidelines ...

Publisher: Lutterworth Press,
Publication date: 1951

FIRST EDITION, inscribed by Peter Scott and signed by Keith Shackleton, with 16 colour plates and numerous black and white illustrations in the text, some full-page, More

Price: £250.00

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