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Caracciolo (Roberto)

Collecta magistralia per aduentum domini de f...

Publisher: [colophon:] Nuremberg: Friedrich Creusner,
Publication date: 1479]

35 lines, Gothic type, initials, paragraph-marks, initial-strokes and underlining in red, some of the 4-line initials a little shaky, occasional water-staining (mostly at end), 6 leaves at end with in... More

Price: £2,500.00

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[Lennox (Carlotte)]


Publisher: Printed for A. Millar,
Publication date: 1758

FIRST EDITION, a trifle browned in places, More

Price: £1,600.00

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De consolatione philosophiæ libri V.

Publisher: Oxford: Will. Hall,
Publication date: 1663

title within border of printer's ornaments, a group of urns at the centre, title-page a little browned and soiled, and with a tear in the inner margin, entering the text but without loss, althogether ... More

Price: £600.00

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Tolkien (J.R.R.)

The Lord of the Rings.

Publisher: George Allen & Unwin,
Publication date: [1978]

DE LUXE EDITION, 2 folding maps printed in black and red, faint mark on outer margin of p.449, More

Price: £200.00

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Corneille (Pierre, translator) A KEMPIS (Thomas)

L'Imitation de Iesus Christ,

Publisher: Rouen: Laurens Maurry ... Et se vendent a Paris, chez Charles de Sercy,
Publication date: 1651

FIRST EDITION of the first part of Corneille's translation to be published, with additional engraved title, Latin and French texts on facing pages, engraved title and letterpress title browned, occasi... More

Price: £1,500.00

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Beautified with Three excellent New Songs. I....

Publisher: [?Newcastle-upon-Tyne:] Licensed and enterid [sic] according to Order,
Publication date: [?1770]

large crude woodcut on title, unevenly browned, cut a little close, More

Price: £350.00

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No title

Publisher: Printed for Sarah Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Giltspur-Street; and James Hodges, at the Looking-Glass on London Bridge,
Publication date: 1735

with a woodcut frontispiece, depicting Hercules, and a woodcut frontispiece to the 2-4 books, in the text, advertisements on the recto, More

Price: £2,000.00

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Il Petrarcha con l'espositione d'Alessandro V...

Publisher: Venice: Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari e fratelli,
Publication date: 1552

title within elaborate woodcut border, magnificent joint portrait of Petrarch and Laura on verso of second leaf (within an urn, more or less preserving the heart motif), woodcut initials throughout, f... More

Price: £750.00

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Salustio Cathilinario, y Iugurta.

Publisher: Antwerp: Martin Nuyts,
Publication date: 1554

woodcut printer's device on title, title a bit browned around the edges, More

Price: £1,500.00

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Nostradamus (Michel de)

Les Prophéties de ...

Publisher: Troyes: Pierre Chevillot,
Publication date: [1611]

2 parts in 1 vol, woodcut arms on both titles of Henri IV, damp-staining at the beginning, and title sloiled and a little frayed, a few stains elsewhere, More

Price: £1,200.00

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Results 1-10 of 3142
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