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Kesey (Ken)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. A Novel.

Publisher: Methuen,
Publication date: 1962


Price: £300.00

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Hemingway (Ernest)

Across the River and into the Trees.

Publisher: Jonathan Cape,
Publication date: 1950


Price: £250.00

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(Electricity and Magnetism.) [spine title:] NATURA...

No title

Publication date: c. 1801

manuscript in ink on paper watermarked C&S 1801, vol. ii only, written in a fine copperplate hand, with 30 folding plates, of which however only 10 are completed, 9 of them with coloured highlights, More

Price: £400.00

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Churchill (Sir Winston)

The World Crisis. The Eastern Front.

Publisher: Thornton Butterworth Limited,
Publication date: 1931

FIRST EDITION, with 8 photographic illustrations, 10 folding maps, and diagrams, &c, in the text, More

Price: £750.00

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Rae (Simon)

An Archive relating to his weekly poems for T...

Publisher: The Guardian (and various), 1988-
Publication date: 1998


Price: £3,000.00

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Elton (Ernest A.)

Manuscripts and typescripts of three unpublis...

Publisher: n.d., [circa 1895-
Publication date: 1903]

manuscript versions in Elton's hand, all working copies with extensive revision (one volume of the second work marked 'Prompt Copy'), in the case of the second play with printed portions laid down, so... More

Price: £1,250.00

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Weir (Anna Maria, née Bright) & Hugh Meyler Brigh...

[Cover title:] Extracts and Verses.

Publisher: n.d., [circa
Publication date: 1892?]

carbon typescript, one manuscript correction to a typo, More

Price: £350.00

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Webster (A.M.C.)

[Manuscript, exercise book:] 'Fortification, ...

Publisher: [1896-
Publication date: 1897]

written in black ink with numerous fine drawings and diagrams in the same, the majority of these hand-coloured and mounted with slits (in some cases laid down, a couple loose), one with examples of k... More

Price: £400.00

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(Children's story.) 'Sarah'.

[Original typescript, cover title:] "Oliver"

Publication date: 1962

typed text on sheets laid down, illustrated on every page using different colour tissue papers and black ink, some of the text restored in manuscript where obscured by illustration, More

Price: £400.00

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Chase (James Hadley) & Arthur Macrae.

[Typescript drama:] Get a Load of This.

Publisher: n.d., [but
Publication date: 1941]

carbon typescript, manuscript corrections and deletions in pencil (in one instance ink) throughout, including additional dialogue, ink-blot carrying through cover to title-page, More

Price: £275.00

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Results 31-40 of 3087
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