Publisher's Synopsis

A timeless tale of camaraderie, courage and daring exploits, The Three Musketeers follows the adventures of the headstrong young Gascon nobleman d'Artagnan as he travels to Paris to join the legendary king's guard. Along the way he falls in with three eccentric musketeers-the noble Athos, the provocative Porthos, and the spiritual Aramis-and forms an unbreakable bond. When d'Artagnan unintentionally offends the sinister Cardinal Richelieu, he and his allies must use all their wits and sword skills to protect the honor of the queen and thwart Richelieu's malicious plots against the monarchy.

From the daunting challenge of the Siege of La Rochelle to daring rescues, clandestine romances, and spectacular sword duels, the four friends must stay one step ahead of their enemies. This classic swashbuckling epic takes the reader on a wild ride through the intrigues of 17th century French court and countryside. With generous measures of romance, witty banter, cloak-and-dagger adventures, and real musketeer friendships that defy death itself, Dumas's beloved novel is an entertaining introduction to the ideals of chivalry, honor and derring-do. This immortal work has delighted readers across generations with its masterful mix of humor, suspense, and timeless themes.

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ISBN: 9781434105554
Publisher: Editorium
Imprint: Waking Lion Press
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Language: English
Number of pages: 596
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