Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties

Method for the Development of Supranormal Faculties

Paperback (01 Sep 2017)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Studying psychic faculties is still a taboo subject in our occidental societies. We are immersed in a world dominated by information, but no one ever teaches us how to use this wonderful tool that is thought. This progressive, simple and accessible method taught in this book is essentially positive and fills this void. It results from a thousand experiments undertaken for more than twenty years on a considerable number of subjects. Through it, you will be able to develop your skills in remote viewing, telepathy and even initiate yourself to sleepwalking. This method for the development of supranormal faculties, like an instruction manual for learning to draw or play music, gives positive results that every experimenter will be able to appreciate. Thousands of people have already learned to know themselves better and surpass the narrow sphere of the material world. It is now your turn to experiment, to evolve... and to testify.

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ISBN: 9781999816599
Publisher: Nomad Publishing
Imprint: Discovery Publisher
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