Alabaster Rage

Alabaster Rage

Paperback (06 Sep 2012)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Valhalla's getting closer. Thrown onto a game board of nightmares against her will, Magnificent Alabaster Graves fights for her life. The bird monsters, bull monsters, bear monsters and beasts are all determined to unlock her inner destiny as the Grave. They want Valhalla loose to get their queen back. And Maggie is their key. But Maggie and Second have been thrown back in time. Ishtara the Queen rules vampire land, Maggie's dad's hero status has tilted, and her grandfather's getting nasty. Will her family be the death of her? The only person to stand with them is a desert warrior, fierce in bed and hot in battle. Maggie still has questions and still owns anger like a blade. But will it get her through this time? Everyone insists God hasn't changed, that he's the source and answer. But Maggie's seeing red with God and she's not ready to surrender. Now the world is hinged on Maggie's decisions and who she dares to trust. With beasts pursuing her outside and ugly betrayal stabbing from within, Alabaster must decide where to stand and fight. Because Ishtara's gaining ground, and without a miracle Ms. Graves is not going to win this game.

Book information

ISBN: 9781479267521
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Imprint: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pub date:
Weight: 272g
Height: 229mm
Width: 152mm
Spine width: 11mm