Mystic Martian Oracle

Mystic Martian Oracle

Educational Cards (02 Sep 2021)

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Publisher's Synopsis

We are all Cosmic Star Seeds, birthed from wonders beyond the extraordinary, hoping to fully awaken into our self-aware and enlightened Universe. The Great Sky Gods have silently been visiting and monitoring us Earthlings for aeons. This deck is designed and intended as a generic guide line of extra-terrestrial species. Each card is a symbolic and representational conduit for a specific archetype. As all is connected from micro to macro. The major theme is centered around timeless archetypal forces, that transcend through the cosmos and fractal also into the human psyche. The vast array of aliens is immense, multi layered and even at times convoluted. They keep a mindful eye on us individually and collectively. They observe our success's and our failures, and everything in between. Open your eyes and stretch your insight into far broader horizons, and assist you with every day concerns. May you welcome the ancient Sky Beings that are for ever watching over you.

Book information

ISBN: 9781925946550
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
Imprint: Rockpool Publishing
Pub date:
Language: English
Number of pages: 128
Weight: 354g
Height: 106mm
Width: 144mm
Spine width: 36mm