Strange Case of Thomas Quick

Strange Case of Thomas Quick The Swedish Serial Killer and the Psychoanalyst Who Created Him

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In 1991 Sture Bergwall, a homosexual drug addict who had committed an armed robbery so badly planned that he was deemed to be more in need of therapy than punishment, was committed to Sater, Sweden's equivalent of Broadmoor. There, he started psychotherapy. During the course of his therapy he 'remembered' childhood scenes of sexual abuse, and, eventually, confessed to raping, killing and even eating more than 30 victims. Embracing the process of self-discovery, he even took on a new name: Thomas Quick. Quick was brought to trial and convicted of eight murders. Yet, in 2008, his confessions were proven to be fabricated and the convictions were overturned. His motive seems to have been freely issued prescription drugs, and the unlimited support and affirmation of his therapist. She, and others at the hospital, had come under the influence of psycho-analyst Margit Norell, who had hoped to make psychoanalytic history with her case study of Thomas Quick... In this gripping book, Dan Josefsson investigates the scandal of 'recovered' memory therapy, and the greatest miscarriage of justice in Swedish history.

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