Enchantress Tarot

Enchantress Tarot An Empowering Oracle Deck to Help You Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Educational Cards (10 Oct 2024)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Are you ready to receive the magic of the cards? This beautiful tarot deck, with bespoke illustrations by Josefina Schargorodsky, will help you gain insight into your past, present and future.For centuries, tarot has been used as a tool for divination. With this beautiful deck you can seek spiritual wisdom, explore your soul and unveil profound insights into your future.This empowering oracle deck features bespoke illustrations inspired by Pamela Colman Smith - the artist who created the enchanting images for the original Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. The cards within celebrate feminine energy and intuitive power, and will inspire you in your divination practice. This exquisite oracle deck includes: - 78 cards of the major and minor arcana- An introductory booklet of advice on how to lay out and read the cardsPerfect for beginners and seasoned readers alike, delve into Enchantress Tarot to embrace the sacred power of the tarot, channel your feminine power and read the unseen forces that guide your path.

Book information

ISBN: 9781837994205
Publisher: Summersdale
Imprint: Summersdale
Pub date:
Language: English
Weight: -1g
Height: 147mm
Width: 92mm
Spine width: 42mm