Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds A Card Game to Test Your Naughty Knowledge

Educational Cards (12 Sep 2024)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Share your sexpertise with this naughty card game for unashamed adultsSex is fun, and so is this playful card deck designed for your pleasure. Reveal outrageous, titillating and laugh-out-loud trivia as you determine who among you has the dirtiest mind.This deck contains 52 cards with true/false statements and multiple-choice questions, plus a 4-page booklet, to test your knowledge of some of the wildest sex facts. Perfect for party-goers, Dirty Minds will pique your curiosity, challenge your abilities and blow your mind.- Looking for company? Dirty Minds is fun with friends, lovers, or strangers. You can play in pairs, groups or head-to-head. The more the merrier!- Gagging for more? With over 200 pieces of sex-related trivia, this deck will be sure to satisfy your cravings.- Curious to try something new? Play the drinking version to spice up the night.- Ready for round two? With multiple rounds, this game lasts as long as you do!

Book information

ISBN: 9781837994052
Publisher: Summersdale
Imprint: Summersdale
Pub date:
Language: English
Weight: -1g
Height: 88mm
Width: 66mm
Spine width: 20mm