The Little Book of Personality Psychology

The Little Book of Personality Psychology The Pocket Guide to Studying the Mind

Paperback (10 Oct 2024)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Unlock the secrets of human behaviour and explore the thoughts, motivations and perspectives of the people around you in this beginner's guide to personality psychologyIf you have ever wondered what makes us who we are, then you are not alone. The reasons behind why we think the way we do have captured the minds of philosophers and scientists for hundreds of years, leading to the development of one of the largest branches of psychology: personality psychology.Personality psychology examines our personalities and considers how they develop and vary from person to person. In this pocket-sized guide, you will discover the forces that influence our personalities, and in turn how our personality influences our actions.In this accessible introduction, you will learn about:· Theories and key thinkers who have pioneered the study of personality· The different personality tests and what they tell us about people's minds· Personality disorders and how they can impact our daily livesFrom Maslow to Jung, and Freud to Darwin, this fascinating little book is a perfect guide to personality psychology, for both novices and experts alike. Delve in and uncover the secrets of our minds and innermost selves.

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ISBN: 9781837993956
Publisher: Summersdale
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Language: English
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