Hypnofacts 8

Hypnofacts 8

Paperback (14 Jul 2020)

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Hypnofacts 8 contains various articles for hypnotherapists covering practical issues such as working with clients with suicidal thoughts, nail biting, and emetophobia. There's a section that looks at what makes a good hypnotherapist. There are some thoughts about helping with exam stress, negative thinking, and grief. And there are more theoretical issues around inflammation and depression, workplace stress, and the Theory of Change. Again, the articles assume a model of the brain in which core activities (such as telling the heart to beat) are handled by the brain stem; more protective functions (such as fighting, fleeing, feeding, and reproductive behaviour) are handled by the primitive emotional brain; and higher functions (such as problem solving, maintaining attention, and controlling emotional impulses from the primitive brain) are handled by the intellectual brain. In terms of physical parts of the brain, these three areas more-or-less match up to the brain stem and cerebellum, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex. It also assumes that the primitive emotional brain is very fast and the intellectual brain is much slower and tends to be used less. In addition, the book assumes that the mind and body make up a single functioning system that is affected by each component and the environment they are in. And it assumes a solution-focused model for hypnotherapy - moving clients towards their desired goals rather than worrying about the problem itself and its origin.

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