Computers and the World of the Future

Computers and the World of the Future - MIT Press

Paperback (15 Mar 1964)

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Publisher's Synopsis

Writers including Vannevar Bush and Herbert A. Simon discuss the impact of the computer in its first twenty years.Writers discuss the extraordinary growth of the computer in its first twenty years and its use in fields as diverse as medicine and economics, management and physics. Employed in areas once thought to be exclusively the province of the human mind, the computer rendered profound changes in the traditional ways and means of decision making.ContributorsC.P. Snow, Walter A. Rosenblith, Norbert Wiener, Vannevar Bush, Herbert A. Simon, Howard W. Johnson, Marvin L. Minsky, Peter Elias, J. C. R. Licklider, Elting E. Morison, Philip M. Morse, Jay W. Forrester, Grace M. Hopper, Alan J. Perlis, John R. Pierce, Robert C. Sprague, Claude E. Shannon, Charles C. Holt, John G. Kemeny, Donald J. Marquis, Gene M. Amdahl, Sidney S. Alexander, Robert M. Fano, and others.

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