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Lagrange (Joseph-Louis)

Théorie des fonctions analytiques,

Publisher: Paris: L'Imprimerie de la République, Prairal an V, i.e. June,
Publication date: 1797

FIRST EDITION, complete with half-title and final blank, small green stamp partially erased from title, some foxing or browning here and there, More

Price: £1,200.00

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Cramer (Gabriel)

Introduction a l'Analyse des Lignes courbes a...

Publisher: Geneva: the brothers Cramer and Cl. Philibert,
Publication date: 1750

FIRST EDITION, title printed in red and black, with 33 folding engraved plates and 1 folding letterpress table, rather foxed at the beginning and less so intermittently, a few leaves and plates a litt... More

Price: £2,000.00

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Leybourn (William)

Arithmetical Recreations:

Publisher: Printed for Ch. Brome,
Publication date: 1699

browned at the beginning and occasionally to a lesser degree elsewhere, a weakness in the paper of the title-page caused or exacerbated by the blindstamp, just touching one letter, a few fore-edges un... More

Price: £2,000.00

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Hero of Alexandria

De gli automati,

Publisher: Venice: Girolamo Porro,
Publication date: 1589

engraved title within architectural border, engraved and woodcut illustrations in the text, 6 of the engravings full-page, a few leaves with a small damp-stain in the lower outer corner, More

Price: £4,000.00

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Boyle (Robert)

New Experiments and Observations touching Col...

Publisher: Printed for John Crook,
Publication date: 1665

FIRST EDITION, title in red and black, with 2 folding engraved plates, title-page slightly soiled, a few scattered spots, textblock strained at mid-point and 2 leaves pulling at inner margin, 2D2, the... More

Price: £4,000.00

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Wolfius (Dr., i.e. Christian, Freiherr von Wolff)

A Discovery of the true Cause of the wonderfu...

Publisher: Printed for J. Roberts,
Publication date: 1734

with an attractive engraved frontispice of a prodigious corn (wheat) plant, frontispiece offset onto title, some browning, More

Price: £750.00

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La Chambre (Marin Cureau de)

The Characters of the Passions.

Publisher: Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for John Holden,
Publication date: 1650

title printed in red and black, title-page browned and slightly frayed in the fore-margin, some darkening around the edges and some damp-staining at the beginning, a single worm hole in the inner marg... More

Price: £2,000.00

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Lawson (John)

The Two Books of Apollonius Pergæus, concern...

Publisher: Cambridge: Printed by T. Fletcher and F. Hodson,
Publication date: 1764

FIRST EDITION, with 6 folding engraved plates, interleaved with paper watermarked 1827 with notes in a hand of that date (see below), waterstained and foxed, plates with scorch marks in the fore-margi... More

Price: £950.00

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(Hospitals. Leicester.)


Publisher: Leicester: Printed by John Gregory,
Publication date: 1771


Price: £600.00

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Falconer (William)

Dissertatio inauguralis, de nephritide vera.

Publisher: Edinburgh: J. Bruce and Co.,
Publication date: 1766

inscribed on the half-title 'For Mr. ?Fleay, from his ob[edien]t h[umble] [servant], the Author, More

Price: £400.00

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