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Morgan (James Jones, of Abergavenny)

Epistolary Correspondence, Containing Officia...

Publisher: Birmingham: Printed for the Author; by Swinney & Hawkins, Birmingham; and sold by Richardson & Co. London, and all other Booksellers,
Publication date: 1800

FIRST EDITION, 2 parts in 1 vol. (Part 2 has a separate title-page, omitting Richardson - and London - from the imprint), More

Price: £400.00

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Keynes (John Maynard)

The General Theory of Employment, Interest an...

Publisher: Macmillan and Co.,
Publication date: 1936

FIRST EDITION, apart from 3 mild spots on the fore-edges, and a slight dustiness to the top edge, a fine clean copy More

Price: £7,000.00

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(Oxford. University.) DECRETVM OXONIENSE

contra Pontificis Romani in Anglia jurisdicti...

Publisher: Society of Antiquaries of London,
Publication date: 1741

538 x 415 mm to plate mark, full margins, folded, trivial dustiness, endorsed with title in contemporary MS on verso More

Price: £750.00

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(Scotland. Auld Alliance (or League). Mary, Queen ...

No title

Publisher: 18th-century,
Publication date: before 1789

manuscript in a clear legible clerkly hand in ink on paper, watermarked the Garter (but the arms not identified), a quarto bifolium (splitting at the fold), 3 pages of text, More

Price: £750.00

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Jordan (Dorothy [real name Dorothy Phillips])

[caption title:] Nobody coming to marry me.

Publisher: Publish'd by Laurie & Whittle, Augt. 1,
Publication date: 1806

landscape broadside, with large engraving depicting the forlorn maiden standing by a tree outside a cottage door, within which the mother is spinning; the father can be seen hedging in the distance, w... More

Price: £450.00

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(Cape of Good Hope.) Hough (Rev. George)

A Sermon,

Publisher: Cape of Good Hope: Printed at the Government Press,
Publication date: 1825


Price: £600.00

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(Proto - Baseball: Wicket.) [CHENEY (John)]

[Reward of Merit. Engraving featuring a game ...

Publication date: [c.1821]

engraving depicts a game involving six young men, two reaching high for the ball which is depicted centrally in mid-air, two with broad-ended sticks running in opposite directions, two acting as wicke... More

Price: £3,000.00

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Haldane (Charlotte)

Russian Newsreel.

Publisher: Secker & Warburg,
Publication date: 1942

FIRST EDITION, 16 photographic plates, More

Price: £175.00

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Churchill (Winston S.)

Collected Works.

Publisher: Library of Imperial History,
Publication date: 1973-76

300/3,000 SETS, numerous maps, charts and illustrations, More

Price: £4,500.00

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Paine (Thomas)

Rights of Man:

Publisher: Printed for J.S. Jordan,
Publication date: 1791-92

2 vols. in 1, a nice clean copy, if a little on the small size (no cropping), first vol. without the half-tile but with ads, second with half-title (slightly soiled) but without ads, More

Price: £2,500.00

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Results 11-20 of 208
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