[Manuscript Lecture, drop head title:] The Six Days of Creation.

[Geikie (John Cunningham)]

[Manuscript Lecture, drop head title:] The Six Days of Creation.

Description: manuscript in ink on feint ruled paper, serrated line in the lower margin and twin file holes, 26 leaves, written on rectos only,small folio, split pin at top left hand corner, a little spotting at either end, first page stained pink at fore-edge

Publication Details: c. 1890

Notes: An elaborate and quite detailed exegisis of the creation as described in Genesis. The 'Six Days' are not to be taken literally, and in fact, when examined critically, the six daysare found to correspond to the geological progression towards the ultimate goal of Creation, viz. the appearance of mankind. The whole sweep of geological knowledge is accordingly correlated to the Bible story. The question at the end is, how did Moses come to have such a detailed - not to say cutting-edge - knowledge of geology. The answer is that he didn't, and the Biblical narrative is God's dictation. The lecture ...more

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Subject: Sciences

Published Date: c. 1890

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