Cogitata physico mathematica.

Mersenne (Marin)

Cogitata physico mathematica.

In quibus tam naturae quam artis effectus admirandi certissimis demonstrationibus explicantur. [Tractatus de mensuris ponderibus atque nummis; Hydraulica pneumatica; Ars navigandi super, et sub acquis, cum tractatus de magnete, et harmoniae theoreticae; Tractatus mechanicus; Ballistica et acontismologia].

Description: FIRST EDITION, with numerous woodcut (1 engraved) diagrams, illustrations, and music in text, variable browning (as usual), occasionally heavy, damp-stain to middle third of the volume, mainly confined to the upper margin but sometimes straying into the first few lines of text, pp. [xxx], 40; [xxii], 41-224; [viii], 225-370; [xvi], 96; [xii], 140, [30, including 2 blank leaves], 4to, contemporary vellum over soft boards, later paper label on spine, patch of insect damage in middle of upper joint

Publication Details: Paris: Antoine Bertier, 1644

Notes: First edition of Mersenne's best-known work, including several of his most important treatises on mathematics, optics, physics, and music. 'An exceedingly interesting collection … Mersenne was in constant correspondence with all the most celebrated men of his time, namely Galileo, Torricelli, Pascal, Descartes, Fermat, Roberval, &c. and in this collection has published, besides his own writings, most important works and letters of his eminent friends not to be found elsewhere, and including, not only their discoveries, but also their scientific quarrels' (Libri sale catalogue, 1861). The pre...more

Bibliography: (Carli and Favaro 200; Hirsch I 406; Lenoble 20; Macclesfield 1374; Mottelay p. 122; Roberts and Trent p. 223 (incomplete))

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Subject: Sciences

Published Date: 1644

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