[drop head title:] Our National Church.

(Darwiniana. Oxford Movement.) ION (pseud.) [HOLYOAKE (George Jacob)]

[drop head title:] Our National Church.

The Aegis of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: a House divided against itself?

Description: broadside (440 x 570mm), lithograph with colour stones printed on one side, large central colour-printed cartoon, drawn by Francis Carruthers Gould after sketches by the author, text below and in 2 boxes at the top, sometime folded twice, and partly separated along the folds

Publication Details: Manchester: John Heywood, June, 1883

Notes: A large, very scarce, amusing (not to say piquant), and wonderfully detailed cartoon on the state of the National Church (i.e. the CofE) in 1883, tearing itself apart between the poles of Darwinism (Agnosticism) and Popery, or, the final eddies of the Oxford Movement. A gigantic, garlanded bust of Darwin has prime position, on an eminence at the top left. On the right is Cardinal Newman: the opposite end in religion, but one who accepted evolution. The boxes of text at the top are Scripture References, wherein certain quotations are attached to the protagonists, as in: 'Darwin - Behold, my bro...more

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Subject: Theology

Published Date: 1883

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