Astronomia insaurata:

Wing (Vincent)

Astronomia insaurata:

Or, a new and compendious restauration of astronomie. In four parts. 1. Logistica astronomica: Astronomicall arithmetick, shewing how to resolve the four species thereof in astronomical fractions, and to finde the part proportionall in any question thereunto belonging. 2. Doctrina sphaerica; The doctrine of the sphere, practically propounded, and applyed in all questions tending to the diurnall motion. 3. Doctrina theorica: The theorie of the coelestiall motions, representing the true face of the visible world; the proper motions of the luminaries, and other planets; and how to investigate their true places speedily, by the admirable doctrine of trigonometrie, after a new order. 4. Tabulae astronomicae: Astronomicall tables, briefly exhibiting the true motions of the sun, moon, and other planets, and their eclipses for any time, either past, present or to come. Whereunto is added, a short catalogue of all the most accurate and remarkable coelestiall observations, that have been made by Tycho, Longomontanus, Gassendus, the Landgrave of Hassia, and others.

Description: FIRST EDITION, title printed in red and black, diagrams in text, minor browning in places, [xx], 105, 104-132, 104, small folio, contemporary calf, blind double fillets to sides with an extra pair towards the spine, skilfully rebacked, neat repairs to corners, red lettering piece, engraved armorial bookplate of Colonel Barrington Price, and ticket of Erwin Tomash inside front cover, very good

Publication Details: Printed by R. and W. Leybourn, for the Company of Stationers, 1656

Notes: 'Wing was a surveyor, almanac writer, astrologer and astronomer. His life makes a fascinating study of the shift from belief in the old Ptolemaic earth-centered system to the new sun-centered astronomy of Copernicus. He was largely a self-taught astronomer and began, like almost all his contemporaries, as a firm believer in a fixed earth. His first book, Urania practical, in 1649 still attempted to explain the heavenly movements in terms of the Ptolemaic epicycles. By the time of the publication of the present work, he had become convinced of the truth of the sun-centered universe. He often pa...more

Bibliography: (Tomash & Williams W90 (strangely calling for an engraved frontispiece); ESTC R8300; Wing W2987; Houzeau & Lancaster 9228)

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Published Date: 1656

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