[drop head title:] Epigrammes.

Clément (Jean-Marie-Bernard)

[drop head title:] Epigrammes.

Description: manuscript in ink on paper, the greater part in a single, good, regular hand, except for some supplemental material, and an index, in a later hand (Louis Bénigne Baudot), pp. 242, the last few blank, in quires of various groupings, small 4to, old vellum using a (not very early) manuscript leaf, notes inside front cover by Louis Bénigne Baudot, 19th-century bookplate inside front cover (a complex monogram), late 19th-century bookplate inside back cover, stamp inside front cover of the Sociedad Hebraica Argentina, repeated at foot of last page of text.

Publication Details: France: c. 1800

Notes: Clément (1742 - 1812), always a fractious character, taught philosophy at Dijon, and entered into correspondence with Voltaire (published 1776- 6). He moved to Paris, with a letter of introduction to La Harpe from Voltaire in hand, turning his efforts toward drama, criticism and translation, and eventually, to a protracted feud with Voltaire: Voltaire dubbed him 'Inclément.' This is a copious anthology (minutely annotated and analysed by Baudot), comprising a wide range of French poets from the 16th century on (including Voltaire), imitations of the Classics, and many by Clément himself -an...more

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Subject: Literature

Published Date: c. 1800

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