Wolf Time

Wolf Time - Murder Room

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eBook (14 Feb 2015) | English

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Hollis Fletcher has no idea why someone has tried to kill him. Fletcher is a professional hunter with years of tracking experience, and he's going to find the man who left him for dead in the frozen Minnesota woods, and take vengeance. Soon he discovers he is after big game: someone in the entourage of Fletcher's boyhood friend, Gary Westergard - candidate for the presidency - pulled the trigger, and his own daughter is a key figure in the campaign. Hollis Fletcher is a threat to someone, someone who has taken steps to remove the problem. In failing, they've only made it worse.

The hunt has begun. Fletcher is skilled, patient and deadly - and his target never escapes ...

Book information

ISBN: 9781471917592
Publisher: Orion
Imprint: The Murder Room
Pub date:
Edition: Digital Original
Language: English
Weight: -1g