Turning Pupils Onto Learning

Turning Pupils Onto Learning Creative Classrooms in Action - Creative Teaching/creative Schools

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Turning Pupils on to Learning documents and makes visible how creative learning approaches can engage and motivate children in their learning.

The book features six case studies of creative learning projects that cover the early years through to Key Stage 3 which are written by the teachers and creative practitioners involved. From the creation of new learning spaces to wider curriculum innovation, the case studies discuss the need for the projects, how they came about, the activities and challenges and the lasting outcomes for teachers and pupils. They describe a model of learning that offers an ethical way for children to engage with the world, which develops their creative skills and supports high achievement.

Each case study is supported by a wealth of questions and activities designed to provoke personal reflection and professional development discussions with colleagues.

Turning Pupils on to Learning also features an accessible overview of the key issues and debates of the book. It comprehensively explains:

    • What is meant by creativity, engagement and motivation in learning
    • The critical importance of developing a creative pedagogy
    • How to implement creative initiatives that motivate young people
    • The value of listening to young people's voices
    • How to influence school and classroom culture which engages pupils

This practical book is an invaluable guide for all those involved in teaching and engaging young people.

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