Toward the Throne!

Toward the Throne! A Fantasy Novel Based on Biblical Prophecy

Paperback (11 Mar 2016)

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Book synopsis You died, they had your funeral, you were buried, and now, after countless years in the grave...Yow! find yourself alive again!...scruffy and disoriented but alive! Where are you? Well, you're not sure but as you look around, you are among an endless line of humanity--people who have been dead for thousands of years, from prehistoric times to the modern era--all resurrected from their graves. You weren't that religious but now you are beginning to realize that Biblical Prophesy is indeed true. You are at the "final judgment"--the Great White Throne of Judgment--waiting to present your life's case to the Supreme Judge, Jesus Christ. After your case is heard and judgment has been rendered, you will be told to exit into one of two portals on either side of the throne. Will it be to the right portal (Heaven) or the left one (Hell)? Come along on this rollicking adventure as resurrected characters, some very famous, re-live their lives. Read what happens to them during the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, Armageddon, the Second Coming, and the Millennial Kingdom. Meet the nemesis of the Tribulation period--the Antichrist as well as the Devil himself--as they create havoc all over the world until Jesus returns to set up His one thousand year reign--a peaceful and Godly period--that is, until Satan is released from the "bottomless pit."

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