Thin Films / Dünne Filme. Condensed Matter

Thin Films / Dünne Filme. Condensed Matter - Landolt-Börnstein: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - New Series

1988 edition

Hardback (11 Aug 1988)

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Volume 19 of Group III (Crystal and Solid State Physics) deals with the magnetic properties of metals, alloys and metallic compounds. The amount of information available in this field is so substantial that several subvolumes are needed to cover it all. The first subvolumes treat the intrinsic magnetic properties, i. e. those magnetic properties which depend only on the chemical composition and the crystal structure. So far, subvolumes III/19a, III/19b and III/19c have appeared. Data on the properties that depend on the preparation of the samples measured, as for instance, thin films or amorphous alloys and the magnetic alloys used in technical applications, are being compiled in the last subvolumes of III/19. In the first of these, subvolume III/19g, magnetic properties are given for several major types of crystalline and amorphous thin magnetic films that are supported by a substrate and for which a more or less coherent group of data is available. The properties of sputtered metallic amorphous films containing 3d transition elements will be dealt with in the following subvolume.

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ISBN: 9783540184355
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Edition: 1988 edition
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