The Silence in the Garden

The Silence in the Garden

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The Whitbread Award-winning author "demonstrates a master's touch" in this tale of an aristocratic Irish family's ruinous path toward modernity (The New York Times).

An island estate off the coast of county Cork, Carriglas has been in the Rolleston family for centuries. Sarah Pollexfen, a distant relation of little means, remembers the magical summer she spent there as a child in 1904. But much has changed in Ireland since then. And when Sarah returns nearly thirty years later, she finds Carriglas much changed as well.

World War I and the Irish Troubles have taken their toll on the Rollestons. Sarah's cousins, who once seemed to sparkle with beauty and wit, have grown dour and withdrawn. And as Sarah uncovers the tragedies they've endured, she'll also discover the terrible truth about that seemingly idyllic summer in 1904.

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ISBN: 9781504058131
Publisher: Open Road Media
Imprint: Open Road Media
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Edition: Digital Original
Language: English
Number of pages: 204
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