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The Economist: Cuba Revolution in Retreat

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Raúl Castro is changing Cuba. Recognising the limits that the Soviet style economy places upon the Cuban people, he is allowing the market greater freedoms. A new, private sector is emerging and is expected to employ around 25% of the labour force by 2015.

What will these changes mean for foreign business and for Cuba's position on the global stage?

As there doesn't seem to be a Castro successor and the party is pressured by the younger generation and the digital world, where will Cuba be in ten years time?

This report will reflect on the likelihood and impact of political and economic change on the island - essential reading for anyone involved in the region.

Sections include:

Revolution in retreat

The deal's off - growing inequalities

Hasta la vista, baby - a disappearing population

Edging towards capitalism - slow reform

Grandmother's footsteps - political change

The Miami mirror - Cuba and Miami

The biological factor - what next for the Castro dynasty?

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