The Courtesy of Death

The Courtesy of Death - Murder Room

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eBook (06 Sep 2012) | English

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By the author of Rogue Male, a classic thriller of the twentieth century.
'Household ... helped to develop the suspense story into an art form' New York Times

When retired mining engineer Yarrow is disturbed after midnight by Barnabas Fosworth, he assumes that he is just a curious eccentric. But by helping Fosworth in his search for the mysterious girl he seeks, Yarrow soon finds his life inexplicably threatened by a mystical sect who believe that taking life is forgivable, since death is only a transition.

Entombed in a cavern in the Mendips, Yarrow discovers the ancient secrets that have their origins in paleolithic paintings; and it is only through this new knowledge that he can hope to escape a very unpleasant death.

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ISBN: 9781780224138
Publisher: Orion
Imprint: The Murder Room
Pub date:
Edition: Digital Original
Language: English
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