Tapestry in the Master'S Hands

Tapestry in the Master'S Hands

eBook (27 Apr 2015)

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We all get used to normalwhatever that means for each of us. We get comfortable in our sense of routine. Some say we may even become complacent. But that can all change, whether it comes through a conscious decision or something thrust upon us.When author Naomi R. Jantz and her pastor-husband, Orlando, realized God was changing the direction of their ministry, they moved to the farm where she was born. Tapestry in the Masters Hands is the story of how they adjusted to their new normal. Things they had taken for granted, such as an indoor toilet, were things of the past. Jantz contemplates how she copes with the many obstacles that arise, including the death of her husband of more than fifty-three years. When her grandsons beg to hear the story of her life, Jantz realizes how much more her ancestors faced. Tapestry in the Masters Hands is a collection of the intriguing episodes of her life. The boys hear stories of being in a boat, flying through the air, riding on the boxcar, riding a bull (as well as being chased by a bull).The stories in Tapestry in the Masters Hands will make you laugh, cry, and rejoice as you see the Master weave the colorful tapestry of her life. You will discover that creating a new normal is not necessarily a bad or scary thingespecially when faith is your backbone.

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