Stuff as Dreams

Stuff as Dreams

eBook (18 Nov 2016)

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Science fantasy is the middle ground between science fiction and fantasy where the author provides credence for elves and werewolves and a moral compass for the ventures of technology. Extrapolation can be used not only to see where the future might be going but also where the past might have goneand at right angles, to whatever is left and right, both dark and light, both serious and comic, and in the middle of the road, both at the same time. The short story is peculiarly American in form and, at its best, a kind of novel told in a single gesture. The short stories of Jon DeCles are wide-ranging in style and subject matter, and in this selection there is sure to be something for everyone and morean impetus to seek out in magazines and anthologies his many other deeply human and highly imaginative stories of what might be.

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