Sport Tourism and Sustainable Destinations

Sport Tourism and Sustainable Destinations

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Destinations include the places, landscapes and communities where sport tourism development takes place. Whether sport tourism development takes the form of sport events, active participation in sport, and/or sports nostalgia/heritage, it draws on local resources, forms part of the complex dynamic of daily life. As such, sports tourism has implications for residents, with destination communities in a position to benefit from, or absorb the costs of, the extent to which development is sustainable. Subsequently, this book features contributions that focus on sport tourism and destination sustainability. Issues covered include, though are not limited to, destination management, surf localism, the production of space, event sustainability in national parks, utilisation of sport heritage for destination promotion, enhancing the attractiveness of destinations through sport tourism, destination development and sport tourism, utilising sport to motivate travel to destinations and environmentally responsible behaviour in sports tourism destinations. The unique contribution of this edited volume is the multi-disciplinary approach applied to enhance conceptual understanding of issues surrounding sport tourism and destination sustainability.

The chapters originally published as a special issue in the Journal of Sport & Tourism.

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