Skye & Jacob

Skye & Jacob Part 1: A Hot & Steamy Aurelia Hilton's Romance Short Novel Book 34

Paperback (21 May 2019)

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My name is Skye. I've been working for the Syndicate for five years, now. I don't know anything about them, but that's just how it is in this line of work.

I'm an assassin.

I've got assets and charm, which usually makes men trust me. When I was young, I started out using my allure to commit petty crimes, nothing terrible. I went on like this for a couple years, but then I paid for my hubris. I went after the wrong man. I woke to something terrifying.

Now, the Syndicate owns me. I'm at their beck and call, 24/7. Today, my target is a hedge fund manager, named Jacob Simons. It's easy, he's just another target for me to take down. He's probably done something to anger the Syndicate. I don't care. I go to him, I meet him, I flirt with him, rinse and repeat. It's always the same. Until it isn't.

Despite the risks, he's got his own charm. I find myself falling for it.

I can't do this. I can't let my heart win. I have to kill him, or the Syndicate will kill me! But he's different than all my other marks. He's quick-witted. Jacob can see right through me. Sometimes I feel like he already knows more about me than I do.

Jacob has me completely enamoured. How do I resist him? He's got such skilled hands... Why can't I resist? He could get me killed!

But I can't resist the hunger in his eyes when he looks at me.

WARNING This book is part of Aurelia Hilton's hot, sexy & steamy romance novel... Things will get hot & steamy... Find out what happens Skye meets Jacob... because it's wild!

Book information

ISBN: 9781646150816
Publisher: Important Publishing
Imprint: Important Publishing
Pub date:
Number of pages: 60
Weight: 73g
Height: 203mm
Width: 127mm
Spine width: 4mm