Save Yourself Save Us All

Save Yourself Save Us All How We Can All Live Happily Into the 22nd Century : The Unique Post Covid-19 Opportunity for All Humankind

eBook (29 Mar 2021)

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Today's lifestyles do not provide us with the foundations for true, long-term happiness. The causes of our problems are clearly identified, with achievable solutions proposed for us all.

The Covid-19 Disaster globally halted 'Normal Life', the root causes of this Disaster are revealed. This book offers the reader the opportunity for reflection, self-reassessment and fresh analysis for the future pursuit of true Self-realisation and true Long-term Happiness.

Easy to read, yet deals with the most critical issues of today.

One of Wolfe-Xavier's 1.4M Internet reader's comments on him:

'High intellectual ability peppered with a profound spiritual intelligence is not a dish so common as one would hope. Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier has my respect.'

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ISBN: 9781839755699
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing
Imprint: Grosvenor House Publishing
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DEWEY: 158
DEWEY edition: 23
Language: English
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