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Stephen Baxter has been heralded, with some merit, as Arthur C. Clarkes literary heir, and Proxima certainly reinforces this accolade in spades.ConcatenationMankinds future in this galaxy could be all but infinite.There are hundreds of billions of red dwarf stars, lasting trillions of yearsand their planets can be habitable for humans. Such is the world of Proxima Centauri. And its promise could mean the never-ending existence of humanity.But first it must be colonized, and no one wants to be a settler. There is no glamor that accompanies it, nor is there the ease of becoming a citizen of an already-tamed world. There is only hardship...loneliness...emptiness, even as war brews in the solar system.But thats where Yuri comes in. Because sometimes exploration isnt voluntary. It must be coerced.

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ISBN: 9780698142954
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
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Language: English
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