Planet Stories Super Pack #2

Planet Stories Super Pack #2 Positronic Super Pack Series #46

eBook (04 Aug 2020)

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Planet Stories was one of the better known Golden Age science fiction magazines. It was in its pages that Philip K. Dick first appeared. Planet Stories specialized in Space Opera and Sword and Sorcery fiction. Collected here in this massive edition are 19 stories from its pages totaling more than five hundred pages. If you enjoyed this book, you'll want to search on "Positronic Super Pack" and check out all our other Super Packs!Included here are:Phantom Out of Time by Nelson S. BondThralls of the Endless Night by Leigh BrackettWar-Gods of the Void by Henry KuttnerExpedition to Pluto by Fletcher Pratt and Laurence ManningWorld of Mockery by Sam MoskowitzPrison Planet by Bob TuckerMessage From Mars by Clifford D. SimakStranger from Space by Hannes BokVenus Enslaved by Manly Wade WellmanPhantom of the Seven Stars by Ray CummingsThe Star Mouse by Fredric BrownAssignment on Venus by Carl JacobiGrifters' Asteroid by H. L. GoldAsteroid of the Damned by Dirk WylieThe Mercurian by Frank Belknap Longhe Planet That Time Forgot by Donald A. WollheimPrey of the Space Falcon by Wilbur S. PeacockQuest of Thig by Basil WellsThe Monster Maker by Ray Bradbury

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