Perfectly Puzzling

Perfectly Puzzling Let's Put It All Together

eBook (09 Mar 2021)

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A little side note about life... It's complicated. Being your best you is a recipe for your best life. And being YOU is important to everyone you will ever meet. Your happiness and strength of character creates a positive effect on everyone's lives - sometimes in ways you don't expect. Your ability to be kind to yourself and to others changes the world. Every interaction is meaningful. It's not only nice to be nice, it's easy to be nice. It's not hard to be neighborly or to be kind. It's really cool that you get to mold your own little piece of the big puzzle that is life. Your little piece helps shape the big picture we are all a part of. This story is about finding your place in a big world and influencing the world around you with your energy and happiness. When you embrace our uniqueness and are not just comfortable, but are truly happy with who are, you change the world.

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