Nostradamus ate my hamster

Nostradamus ate my hamster

eBook (31 Mar 2011)

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DO HOLOGRAMS DREAM OF ELECTRIC CINEMA? He wanted Hollywood. He got Brentford. He wanted Spielberg. He got Fudgepacker. He got who? Fudgepacker. Ernest Fudgepacker. Directed all those weird B-movies back in the Fifties. Whatever happened to him? He retired. Opened Fudgepackers Emporium, a prop house catering to the more bizarre needs of the film industry. Amazing place. There you could hire anything from shrunken heads to a pickled homunculus. Trouble is, they just dont make that kind of movie any more. Ernies going bust. In fact, if he cant come up with some big bucks pretty damn quick, hes going to lose the business. It will take a miracle to save him now. Young Master Robert believes in miracles. He has a dream. He wants to star in movies alongside The Greats. The Golden Greats. The dead Golden Greats. Hes a boy boffin with computers and hes invented this system that could put the stars of yesteryear right back up there on the screen. Next to him. Hes written a script and hes got piles of money (his dad owns the brewery), but Hollywood isnt keen. And Mr Spielberg didnt ring back. The lad needs a director and Ernie needs the dosh, and Ernie only lives up the road. Could this be the perfect partnership? Well, it could be...but then this is Brentford and when you make movies in this neck of the woods, you can be sure of a BIG surprise. And when Brentford takes on Hollywood, then Hollywood had better pack up and head for the hills.

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ISBN: 9781446464243
Publisher: Transworld
Imprint: Transworld Digital
Pub date:
DEWEY: 823.914
DEWEY edition: 21
Language: English
Number of pages: 316
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