My Granddad and the Paedophile Ring

My Granddad and the Paedophile Ring

Paperback (19 Nov 2015)

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Richard Adams, now retired, is still a force to be reckoned with. Having served his time as a soldier on the front line, he then joins the Parachute Regiment in the 1980s - an iconic and troubled time in British Military history. When he's assigned to the Falkland Islands he befriends two Gurkhas who teach him their way of fighting. And very quickly, he is transformed into a lethal fighting force. He eventually returns to suburban life with his wife Pauline and daughter Helen. When his grandson, Paul, is born, Richard's world has a whole new meaning. They become constant companions and spend many an afternoon beside the river at Badger's Holt on Dartmoor, were all the local children swarm during sunny days. The pair are never apart... until Pauline insists that she and her husband take a holiday to Spain on their own. But what happens to Paul when Richard is away will send shivers down your spine. The paedophile ring that have been watching Paul for weeks, now have the opportunity to make their snatch. Little do they know, however, that they've messed with the wrong family. Richard will stop at nothing to find his grandson and he doesn't care how many lowlifes he has to kill in the process. This time, it's personal. My Granddad and the Paedophile Ring isn't just a thriller with a difference - it's an insight into how far a granddad will go to protect his treasured grandson and a snapshot of the slimy, underworld that lurks around the darkest shadows of ordinary life. It's an addictive mix of military and family life, relationships and unconditional love, and a dark psychological undercurrent which seeps all the way through.

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