Murder on the 17Th Hole

Murder on the 17Th Hole A Golf Mystery

eBook (09 Feb 2010)

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Web Miter is a retired business guru and a former CEO of United Eastern, one of the largest corporations in the country. Hes playing in a foursome in the Hartford Pro-Am, a PGA tour stop in the small town of Lordship, Connecticut, with pro golfer John Rollings. The best round of Miters life ends tragically when an explosion rocks the seventeenth hole. Is it a random killing by golf terrorists, or is it a calculated murder committed by one of Miters enemies? As Alco Insurance Company investigator Wayne Sedlock sifts through Miters past, the list of suspects runs the gamut and includes an anti-outsourcing group, an Indian tribe jockeying for a new casino, and a group of ex-Marines who served with Miter in Vietnam. A crime that breaks new ground, Sedlock and Detective Richard Geany of Lordship, Connecticut, Police Department, sift through all of the clues to determine who had the motive and means to murder Miter on the course.

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ISBN: 9781450209076
Publisher: iUniverse
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