Layout N. An Arrangement of Parts Etc. According to a Plan - Basics Design

eBook (09 May 2005)

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Basics Design 02: Layout provides a guide to the effective arrangement of text and image elements within a design.

Good layout in both print and electronic media allows for the most effective communication of complex information to a viewer. This book's objective is to instruct in the management of form and space in order to achieve this effect.

It addresses the practical and aesthetic considerations of layout, such as where and how the content will be viewed, whether the format is a magazine, website, television graphic or even a bottle of bubble bath.

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ISBN: 9782940439096
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Imprint: AVA Publishing
Pub date:
DEWEY: 686.2252
DEWEY edition: 22
Language: English
Number of pages: 175
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