Judges and Lawyer's Companion

Judges and Lawyer's Companion

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The Judges and Lawyer's Companion' is a must have and useful tool in the hands of Judges and Lawyers and in deed any one delivering a decision making role formally and informally. This book aims to reduce the valuable time lawyers at the bar and judicial officers on the bench spend looking for the meaning of Latin maxims. Law students seeking quick interpretation and dictionary meaning of Latin maxims will also benefit immensely. I have decided to compile this companion as a reference guide at a glance and I hope this piece of work will find its place on the book shelf of every Judge and Lawyer around the world. The author has carefully illustrated the meaning of each maxim using case authorities wherever possible in court ruling around the world. This book is a linguistic treasure, a robust companion with engaging collection puts revered proverbs at reader's fingertips. An entertaining volume with a scholarly twist ready to inform, advise, and delight both casual leader and those who appreciate the art of language and the pleasure that lies beneath a rich collection of words, phrases, and expression. The joy of having this maxims companion consists of enabling a better understanding of the law in all its facets, in all ramifications on the aspects upon which they touch.

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ISBN: 9781970024869
Publisher: Lorna Adekaiyaoja
Imprint: Lorna Adekaiyaoja
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