Jeremiah and His Donkey

Jeremiah and His Donkey

eBook (10 Jun 2013)

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Jeremiahs mother, Verbeana, prepared the morning meal and called her son. There was no answer, so she went to his bed. It was empty. She smiled to herself, knowing he must be at the stable. She crossed the yard to the stable. She too wanted to see the little colt. She peered into the stable and stood looking down. Jeremiah was sound asleep on the fresh hay with his arm around the neck of his little sleeping donkey. Verbeana smiled, turned quickly, and went back to the house knowing Jeremiah would come to eat when he woke up.

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WestBow Press

WestBow Press

At WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, we help authors self-publish books. As a Christian publisher, we publish books of all genres but specialize in books with Christian morals, inspirational themes and family values.

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