Guerrilla Metaphysics

Guerrilla Metaphysics Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things

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In Guerrilla Metaphysics, Graham Harman develops further the object-oriented philosophy first proposed in Tool-Being. Todays fashionable philosophies often treat metaphysics as a petrified relic of the past, and hold that future progress requires an ever further abandonment of all claims to discuss reality in itself. Guerrilla Metaphysics makes the opposite assertion, challenging the dominant "philosophy of access" (both continental and analytic) that remains quarantined in discussions of language, perception, or literary texts. Philosophy needs a fresh resurgence of the things themselvesnot merely the words or appearances themselves. Once these themes are adapted to the needs of an object-oriented philosophy, what emerges is a brand new type of metaphysicsa "guerrilla metaphysics."

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ISBN: 9780812697728
Publisher: Open Court
Imprint: Open Court
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DEWEY: 110
DEWEY edition: 22
Language: English
Number of pages: 280
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