Fantasy Magazine (October)

Fantasy Magazine (October)

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Like your fantasy edgy and sophisticated? FANTASY MAGAZINE is quickly becoming known as the literary home of the next generation of mythcrafters -- featuring authors from Caitlin R. Kiernan to Hal Duncan, it's no wonder calls FANTASY MAGAZINE "quite wonderful and very exciting."This October 2008 Issue contains:1. The Water Babies by CHarles Kingsley2. Stargate: Atlantis Rachel Luttrell by Jacqueline A Gross3. Yell Alley by Nicola Kornher-Stace4. Gamer+GIrl: how to Get Your Girlfriend into Gaming by Robyn Fleming5. Crossing Lines: Deconstrution Black Superheroes by Naamen Gobert Tilanhun6. Welcome to the Minority by Jeremiah Tolbert7. The Banyan Tree by Jeannette Westwood8. A Spell from Twelve Brothers by Erzebet Yellowboy9. No Objectivity: 10 Fantasy Movies That Ruined it for the Rest of Us by Genevieve Valentine10. The Plagiasrist by Alex Rose11. Top 10 Literary Steampunk Work by The Fantasy Magazin Staff12. Top 10 Steampunk Media by The Fantasy Magazin Staff13. Randym Thoughts: Punk'd by Randall Scott Henderson14. The Summoning of Spirits Too Far From Home by Deb Taber

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